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The RAAM (Race Across America) is one of the toughest ultra-cycling competitions in the world. The brave cyclists ride 5,000 kilometers across  12 states in the USA. This race is an example of resilience and mobility importance, as well as of a good teamwork.

CargoCorp Cycling Team main purpose on RAAM, from preparation to the finish line, is to let our bikes work as an instrument to give a powerfull voice to inclusion. The campaign MOBILITY IS FOR EVERYONE supports people with cerebral palsy treatment by getting donations to buy an exoskeleton - a very expensive and modern instrument to help on cerebral palsy rehabilitation in Mexico - and also, to support the the ethno-educational center of Anaralito community, in Colombia, by bringing drinking water to more than 365 children who have nothing to drink while at school, sometimes exposed to temperatures over 35 Celsius degrees. 

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• Children do not have water to drink during the educational day

• The school kitchen requires drinking water for food preparation.

• The ethno-educational center must buy water from third parties and this service is not always available

• Students cannot use the school bathrooms

• Students and community members are at risk of illness due to lack of water treatment

The installation of the water extraction and distribution system not only ensures student hydration, but also lays the foundation for a healthier educational environment conducive to learning.

Health and education walk together


APAC (Association for People with Cerebral Palsy) aspires to continue impacting the robotic neuro rehabilitation of boys and girls with cerebral palsy through obtaining the Trexo Robotics device, belonging to the University of Waterloo in Ontario, Canada, which offers a gentle mobility of the joints, allowing each movement to be smooth and controlled. 

Benefits of the exoskeleton: 

• Gentle joint mobility

• Through the electronic tablet included in the Trexo, you can control with high precision: speed, driving angles and level of assistance

• The exact level of assistance can be adjusted by adding or removing accessories such as: trunk support, arm support and weight bearing assistant

Join the Cause


We are committed to two fundamental causes: supporting the purchase of the exoskeleton and providing access to water for the community of Anaralito in La Guajira. With your help, we can make a difference.Every donation counts. Your generosity allows us to bring hope and change lives. Join us and be part of this journey. 



* all money raised from donations will be used only to achieve the two mentioned projects. All expenses incurred by participating in RAAM are already paid by CargoCorp UW.


Juan Carlos Martínez, CEO of CargoCorp UW, brings together a group of people who share his passion for cycling, supporting and contributing to build a better  world. For several years he has been leading different innitiatives  to promote campaigns that supports charities such as NuevaLife and Apac, which philosophies are to create a better future for children and vulnerable communities in Colombia and Mexico. For Juan Carlos, the RAAM can be a huge challenge for a 60 years old, but his main challenge is to raise funds with the aim of pedaling kilometer by kilometer to achieve the goal for the charities.

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