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Epic California

San Diego -Anza Borrego Desert - Santa Monica Mountains

Full experience with a perfect scenery.

To ride a bike in California is a unique experience. Even better if you choose San Diego. The city is completely structured for sports: bike paths, hiking trails, bike shops and much more. Wherever you go you will see amateur or professional cyclists riding through the beautiful West Coast. This tour was designed by cyclists with decades of experience and includes a breathtaking ride towards the Anza-Borrego desert and Santa Monica mountains.


*You have just a few days to spend in San Diego?  Chek out our DAY RIDES.*




Riding to the Desert with 7sherpas
Why wait? #lifeisnow
California Dreamin' - Mission bay - San Diego
California Dreamin' - Anza Borrego Desert - San Diego
California Dreamin' - Lake Cuyamaca - San Diego
California Dreamin' - La Jolla - San Diego
California Dreamin' - San Diego
California Dreamin' - Sunset Clifs - San Diego
California Dreamin'  - Torrey Pines - San Diego


San Diego is one of the most sportive cities in North America. From surf to triathlon, you'll find  a great structure for sports everywhere you go. 

Ride at the most incredible sceneries wich includes amazing beaches, a stunning desert and the mountains. Everything you want, in just one place. 

Feel the energy of the nature and wild life. You will probably see seals and sea lions while riding at the amazing beaches, and also bunnies and coyotes when exploring the desert.

Get ready to ride side by side with some professional cyclists. They are all around  (you can also have your lucky day when stopping by one of the great local coffe shops!).

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