What type of content do you make?

We create online courses that can include videos, voice overs, powerpoints, pdfs, etc. We also create high quality video production for business owners. Also, we create on going social media content for companies & can manage this content for you!

Do you make more than just courses?

We do! We also create marketing videos for business owners & social media videos.

Why would I need a course?

Maybe you do, maybe you don't! But we know with the way the world is shifting, a lot of business owners need to be able to make income off selling a product online. If you have a skill, you can teach it in a course. If you have employees/managers you are looking to automate training for, you can teach it in a course.

What businesses do you work for?

Any businesses! You would be surprised how many businesses could sell an online course.

What if I am not in Massachusetts?

That's okay! We have adapted to creating videos & online courses remotely. If needed, we can request one of our videographers near your location to shoot.